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SGB V & SGB VIII (Integrated Social Planning)
Regional development & structural change
Felsenweginstitut Karl Kübel Foundation | 02/2019-09/2020
Organisational development to agile teams with decentralised infrastructure across the country (scaling). Vision workshops, loop approach, impact orientation (Phineo). Transition management new leadership and team expansion (recruiting). Development of business areas (Social Economy). Digitisation of process flows and service portfolio (Education & Consulting)
IBZ St. Marienthal | 11/2020-08/2021
Process consulting regarding realignment of the business model (vision/purpose/effect) incl. organisational development - overall system (Monastery Marienthal, International Meeting Centre Foundation, other stakeholders) Interfaces to regional development, environmental and family education, regional-sustainable producer chains, tourism. Process optimisation, agile approach, participation orientation. (Glaubitz Autodieste GmbH) | 9/2019-today
Consulting on brand expansion to wholesale provider for entire value chain in the repair of vehicle electronics (circular economy) - stakeholder analysis, vision workshops, team development, developing brand world, concept for internal and external communication.

BZGA - NZFH | 2019-2020
Conception and realisation of quality clusters throughout Germany. Quality development, strengthening network structures, professionalisation of early prevention, establishing new forms of work, dissolving/integrating departments (education, social affairs, health) at municipal level. Large and small group settings in presence and virtually.

Thuringia Free State (TMASGFF - Department of Family Education) | 2017-2019
Advice on the changeover to an integrated funding model to support the municipal level (participation processes with recipients, municipal administrations, districts, associations, ministries). Process consulting for the development of a qualification concept for integrated social planning. Implementation phase, expert days, qualifications, workshops, organisational development.
JE - Cross Discipline Consultant (DE, EN, ES) - Managing Director | 2004 - Today
. Consultant for companies, further education institutions, think tanks and civil society initiatives. Focus: Market analysis or implementation studies, concept development, start-up & innovation management, process design and implementation, HR & recruiting, IT infrastructure.

Electronic Control Unit España S.L. (ES) - Managing Director 2011 - Today
Foreign company to sell repair services in the automotive sector. Focus: Business process design, start-up management, employee recruitment and training, sales & market development (GoogleAddword /-Analytics), automated contact management (CRM - Salesforce), process optimisation (LeanSixSigma).

EXPERTS & TALENTS Center of HR Excellence - sales consultant adaptive learning solutions | 08/2021 - today
Consulting on the implementation of adaptive learning technologies for modern education and training environments. LMS, Area9 Lyceum, learning environments, didactic preparation & curation of content, user experience, learning journeys, blended learning, on-line learning, order clarification, realisation and implementation.

MYSALA S.L. (ES) - Managing Director 2012 - 2015
Operation of a coworking spot and startup incubator and umbrella construct of a SocialHub (culture & social meeting place). Focus: IT/digital, event and building management, networking.

Felsenweg Institute of the Karl Kübel Foundation (DE) - Advisor 2015 - 2021.
Development of a nationwide scalable business model (non-profit social enterprise) | Product development & market development | Acquisition, sales and public relations | Digitalisation & automation | Organisational development and team building | Networking, political & municipal consulting | Integrated consulting at the interfaces of the public service areas: Family, Social Affairs, Health, Education, Doppik (Kameralistik). Partners: German Association of Cities, BZgA (Federal Ministry of Health), Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Free State of Thuringia, Free State of Saxony, State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Senate of Bremen, District of Munich, Saxon municipalities, AGJ, FES, various foundations.
Doctoral project (ongoing) | 2011 - present
"Homo Ludens Revitalis - On the Social Significance of Play" at the Chair of Education TU-Chemnitz. Guest speaker: Mansfieldcollege Oxford (UK), speaker ICCP-Conference Tallinn (EST).

Magister Artium & Master | 2004 - 2010
Eichstätt/Ingolstadt, Hamburg, Chemnitz and Kritianstaedt (SE).
Subjects: Education (Adult Education), Political Science and Philosophy + optional Studium Generale. Final thesis "Foundation commitments in the education sector" - "summa cum laude".

General university entrance qualification | 2003
Vocational grammar school for economics and social affairs Görlitz, with the leading courses mathematics and economics ( business administration/ economics) - followed by civilian service curative education.